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An extremely innovative project The Thera Foundation was involved is the Earth Penetrating Radar Imaging System (E.P.R.I.S.). Following a donation from Thermo Electron Corporation to the Foundation in 1996, Coleman Research Corporation started developing for and on behalf of the Foundation the Radar. It was a high-fidelity system which can 'scan' the earth for ruins or other ancient finds, thus assisting considerably the work of archaeologists.

The system was tested on Santorini under the supervision of Professor Christos Doumas, Director of the Akrotiri Excavation, and Professor Gregorios Tsokas of the Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki and a team of experts. As a pilot-project, the E.P.R.I.S. was developed to try to determine the location of the ancient port of Akrotiri, also providing a more precise estimate of the size of the site. The excavation at Akrotiri, the conservation and restoration of its extraordinary findings, is a very demanding project both in terms of manpower and in terms of financial resources.