The Wall Paintings of Thera


The first international symposium
"The wall paintings of Thera"


Thera and the Aegean
World II


Thera and the Aegean
World III









Conference Proceedings

Publication: 1979

Language: English

ISBN: 0 9506133 3 9

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Akrotiri has produced such an abundance of material and in such an excellent state of preservation that, alongside the routine taxonomic archaeological research, we can proceed to raise more general questions concerning the prehistory of the island, particularly its social and human aspects. Questions discussed include, how and where did these people live? How and where did they work? How and where did they enjoy themselves? How and where did they travel? How and where did they create their art?

The Acta of this Congress are available in two volumes, the first containing the papers presented and the second containing the discussion that followed.