The Wall Paintings of Thera


The first international symposium
"The wall paintings of Thera"


Thera and the Aegean
World II


Thera and the Aegean
World III









Conference Proceedings

Publication: 1989

Language: English

ISBN: 0 9506133 7 1

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This and the previous Congress no longer simply reflect continued scholarly interest in the archaeological site at Akrotiri, in the volcano, and in related problems, but are themselves a major impetus to their study. The Third Congress marked the consolidation of this process - the creation of what Dr Vassos Karageorgis, in his closing address, called the new science of "Therology".

The Third International Congress on Thera was held on Santorini from 3 to 9 September 1989. This was a truly interdisciplinary assembly, bringing together some 160 scholars from 16 countries, in disciplines including archaeology, geology, volcanology, palaeocology and other related fields, to discuss and report on a wide range of issues related to the volcano and the site of Akrotiri.

The proceedings of the Congress are presented in three volumes, subtitled Archaeology, Earth Sciences and Chronology respectively.