The Wall Paintings of Thera


The first international symposium
"The wall paintings of Thera"


Thera and the Aegean
World II


Thera and the Aegean
World III









Publication: 1992
Second edition: 1999

Language: Greek

ISBN: 960-220-273-4

Price 30,00

The discovery of the wall-paintings at Akrotiri, Thera, in the excavations (1967-1974) of Professor Spyridon Marinatos is of outstanding importance for our knowledge of the early Aegean world. It ranks alongside Schliemann's opening of the Shaft Graves of Mycenae in 1876 and Evans's uncovering of the Palace of Knossos with its collection of inscribed tablets in 1900. The conservation, study, discussion and presentation of the paintings since 1974, under the leadership of Professor Christos Doumas, is brought to fruition by him in this volume.

An important addition to the Foundation's publication programme was the production of the lavish volume "The Wall-Paintings of Thera", originally in Greek and English, and later in German as well. The volume is of significant artistic and scientific value, and contains colour photographs of all the wall paintings of Thera which have been fully restored to date. The text has been edited by Professor Christos Doumas, Director of the Excavation at Akrotiri. The book was produced by KAPON Publications. The Wall-Paintings of Thera received the coveted Academy of Athens Award in 1993.