Thera and the Aegean World


The First International Symposium
"The Wall Paintings of Thera"










The Thera Foundation was incorporated in the United States in 1989, in order to provide the formal channel through which international interest and support could be directed towards Theran civilization in general, and the Akrotiri excavation in particular.
The excavation began in 1967 under the directorship of the late Professor Spyridon Marinatos. The "Thera and the Aegean World" Congress, which took place two years later, in 1969, became the first international forum where data from the excavation were presented. The interest that Theran civilization attracted, prompted Mr. Nomikos to create The Thera Foundation.

Under its auspices two more international Congresses were organized in 1978 and 1989, Thera and the Aegean World II and III respectively. It is worth noting that all three Congresses were interdisciplinary, presenting archaeological, geological, even biological and zoological findings that related to the Akrotiri excavation and the Santorini culture at large.

In 1997, The Thera Foundation was responsible for another major event,
"The Wall Paintings of Thera" International Symposium. As is evident from its title, the specific subject matter of the Symposium was the wall paintings that have been unearthed at Akrotiri and the information that these provide for the different aspects of Aegean civilization