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With the intention of publicizing the finds from prehistoric Thera on the broadest possible basis, not only in Greece but also abroad, Mr. Peter M. Nomikos sponsored the completion of the photographic reproduction of the wall paintings of Thera, which he then donated to Idryma Theras - Petros M. Nomikos.

The complete set of reproductions was first presented in Greece during the 1st International Symposium on the Wall Paintings of Thera in 1997. Since then and until 2010, the exhibition had been open to the public between May and October each year, attracting an important number of visitors.
The tunnels of the Petros M. Nomikos Conference Centre provided a most suitable background for the display of the reproductions.
They were beautifully incorporated in the setting, allowing the visitor to imagine how the original frescoes would have been on the walls of the prehistoric city of Akrotiri where they were discovered some 30 years ago.
It was really a rare opportunity for any visitor, the scholar, the tourist or the Santorini resident, to be able to enjoy all 41 frescoes so far discovered, in Santorini, their actual birthplace, together for the first time since they were buried 3.500 years ago.
Since 2011, the reproductions are exhibited in Santozeum, a recently refurbished exhibit space.

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Season Open hours:
May 1st - October 31st, Monday - Sunday 10:00  - 18:00
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Reproductions have been presented at:

  • The Symposium "Egyptian-Minoan relations", organized by the Roemer and Pelizaeus Museum in Hildesheim, Germany, 1993.
  • The Exhibition "Pharaoh and Foreigners - Dynasties in the Dark", organized by the Vienna City Museum, 1994.
  • The Exhibition "Salon International des Musées et des Expositions (SIME)" in Paris, April 1994, where ten photographic reproductions were presented in collaboration with KODAK Europe.
  • Within the framework of ‘Melina Project’ of Hellenic Ministry of Education, reproductions were exhibited at:

    • the Modern Plastic Arts Center of Larissa. 62 schools from the prefecture of Larissa visited the exhibition and participated at the educational programmes, 9/12/2000-10/2/2001
    • the War Museum of Thessaloniki. More than 1600 students visited the exhibition during 23/03-20/04/2001
    • The Centre for Mediterranean Architecture at Chania-Crete. Except from the educational programmes for students, seminars for teachers were also organised, 18/01-15/02/2002
    • The St. George's Gate exhibition hall at Herakleio-Crete, 06-31/03/2002
  • The 20th International Tourism Exhibition ‘Philoxenia 2004’ organized by HELEXPO under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism and the Greek National Organization, held at the International Exhibition Center of Thessaloniki, 04-07/11/2004. Four reproductions were presented in Municipality’s of Thera stand, which received the prize of the organising committee of the exhibition.